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Tool cabinets and workbenches

[ JZD ] provides professional products and private customized services

JZD hotel bed frame

Bed Frames & Hotel Beds

[JZD] Customized sales of various bed frames, hotel beds, bunk beds

JZD Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving & Shelf

[JZD] Customize various Mobile Shelving, light and heavy shelves


20 years of professional production of tool cabinets

It has more than 100 mature tool cabinet products and has provided high-quality services to more than 1,000 customers around the world.

Responsible for a full set of customized services for your hotel

Design rooms, including curtains, tables, chairs, mattresses, etc., providing one-stop service

Storage can be increased by 230% within a limited range.

Use professional products to provide customers with professional file storage

About Us

Factory with 20 years experience

We are a factory established in 2004 and located in Northeast China. It is a factory certified by SGS and TUV. It has been doing export trade for more than 10 years, and has stores on Alibaba, Amazon, and AliExpress. The export volume in 2022 has already exceeded 5 million US dollars. It is deeply loved by customers in European and American countries. The company has 5 professional designers, 12 sales consultants, and more than 100 workers to meet the needs of customers. Welcome to visit and purchase.

Enterprise background map
Enterprise background map

Factory introduction

The factory currently has 1 design director, 4 senior designers, and more than 70 front-line workers. It has 3 CNC laser cutting machines, 2 CNC laser turrets, 1 fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine, 6 bending machines, 3 spot welding machines, 12 fully automatic powder coating lines and 12 fully automatic rolling lines.










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sales Manager

Tracy Wang

Sales Director, who has been engaged in foreign trade sales for many years, has an unparalleled understanding of products and export processes.

product designer

Forest Yu

Design Director, designing valuable products for clients from their perspective.

sales Manager

Betty Jiang

Sales manager, with years of sales experience, carefully helps customers solve problems.

product designer

Eric Zheng

Senior designer, with years of design experience, helping clients solve design problems.

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